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La lidocaïne molle  est un gel injectable, viscoélastique et stérile, à utiliser unique, présenté dans une seringue en verre.

La lidocaïne molle  est composée de hyaluronate de sodium réticulé, d’origine non animale.

La lidocaïne douce  est indiquée pour le volume du tissu cutané du visage.

Cette boîte contient une seringue de 1 ml de gel.

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How does Belotero Soft Lidocaine (1X1ml) work?

Belotero Soft Lidocaine (1X1ml) is manufactured using a special technique implementing Cohesive Polydensified Matrix (CPM) technology. It is this method which creates the unique elasticity and polydensified properties in Belotero which allows it to be so compatible with the human body.

Belotero Soft Lidocaine (1X1ml) gel gives an extremely effective result straight away following injection into the superficial layer of the skin dermis, and continues to work over the subsequent weeks and months.


Biofermented non animal hyaluronic acid (20mg/ml) in a 30G needle.

Naturally safe to use as it is found inside the body, making it compatible to use.

What are the associated side effects with Belotero?

Some swelling and redness may occur, as well as itchiness and pain. Tenderness at the site of injection is common too. Side effects usually disappear after a few days and can take up to a week for lip injections.

Please note there should be no lumps produced from the use of Belotero. However due to this product being fairly new on the market,

est un gel stérile, transparent, incolore, apyrogène et viscoélastique, composé de hyaluronate de sodium réticulé d’origine non animale, dans un tampon de phosphate physiologique.

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